AKOTEK is a reliable, quick and flexible outsource partner for vendors and network operators as well as for service providers.

AKOTEK is an independent private European Consulting Company.

Because of minimum overhead AKOTEK is very competitive.

AKOTEK experts combine excellent know how with long term experience in international projects.

With flexibility in its project teams AKOTEK covers a broad spectrum of services.

Business development, expert opinions, analysis of networks, concepts for public and private fixed line networks, tender management and project management.

AKOTEK offers customized solutions in common projects.

Long term contracts guarantee security in investments, services and quality of AKOTEK results.

Connectivity of new subscriber equipment with existing networks as well as connectivity of new network elements with existing subscriber equipment will be supported by AKOTEK application developments.

AKOTEK distinguishes in the market with a broad spectrum of services, flexibility according to clients needs, excellence in know how and performance, but competitive prices !